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We 'handle-with-care' each of your photos. We can scan photos, slides, negatives, artwork and more. Our scanner is professional  grade, it is great for reproducing your photos to a/most any enlargement size. After scanning, retouching is available; rips, color fade, scratches, etc.


Photos, slides, and negatives can be shipped to us if you are not near one of our locations. We will then ship them back to you. Shipping charges may apply. We will call for payment when the order is ready (prices shown throughout this page are 'next-day' prices, same day charges may apply).


Common sizes ordered when scanning from prints or negatives:

4x6 -56¢ • 5x7- $3.00 • 8x10 - $6.25 • 11x14  - $13.00 • 12x18- $15.00 • 16x20- $24.95

The quantity of prints you have and what size you will be printing will determine the cost of your scan. The scans can then be printed or put onto a CD for archiving or future reprint­ ing.


- Low Resolution Scan (reproducing small prints): $1.00/per photo

- High Resolution Scan (reproducing large prints): $3.25/per photo

- 11x17 Scan (original is too large for the scanner): $19.95/perphoto

- 8x8 or 12x12  Scrapbook page Scan: $2.00/per page

Get High-Quality Scanning Services and Excellent Customer Service. Call:

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Scanning service








We carefully scan large quantities of pictures (25 or more) to a disc, for archiving or easy reprinting. Those photos also can be put as a DVD slideshow. When submitting a 'box' of photos, please keep them well organized; please call or come in to see the desired requirements for this service.


- Qty. 26-100: 50¢/perphoto

- Qty. 101-200: 40¢/per photo

- Qty. 201+:30¢/per photo


- CD (Average size disc): $3.99

- Data DVD (Large size disc): $9.99


Most slides are scanned using our Digital Ice Technology program that removes dust from the scanned in slides and brings out the best colors possible.


Prints from standard slides:

- Qty. 1-24: 70¢/per photo

- Qty. 25-99: 60¢/per photo

- Qty. 100+:50¢/per photo


Digital copy from standard slides:

- Qty. 1-24: 60¢/per slide

- Qty. 25-99: 50¢/per slide

- Qty. 100+: 40¢/per slide

- CD (Average size disc): $3.99

- Data DVD (Large size disc): $9.99


35mm negatives scanned to digital storage device (CD or Data DVD):

- Per Strip: 60¢ per strip +cost of CD or media device


Non-standard slides and negatives:

- Print: $1.30 per negative, includes 1-4x6 print

- DigitaI Copy: $1.00 +cost of CD or media device


Great for weddings, anniversaries, and graduations! Combine your slides, prints, and/or digital images to create an entertaining DVD slideshow. Your movie is limited to 2hrs, which could possibly include hundreds of photos. You can choose custom titles and music for additional charges. Meet with one of our designer to plan your slideshow.


- Movie/Siideshow DVD: $30 set-up, $2.50/song added, Custom Titles available.


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